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Jeff Mass
Managing Partner- Mass Tsang L.L.P

"As a criminal defence lawyer oftentimes our clients require various kinds of counselling in order to satisfy both the Crown Attorney and the Court that they have taken positive steps towards helping themselves deal with a multitude of issues. When it is required, without hesitation, my firm reaches out to Just For Today (JFT) to assist our clients in their time of need. We have been dealing with JFT for over a decade and have always had a positive experience. They are a pleasure to deal with and very professional. Our clients have expressed very positive feedback any time we send them to JFT for assistance. My firm continues to use their services and I certainly recommend them to anyone in need."

Daniel Brown

Lead Counsel, Daniel Brown Law LLP

For more than a decade, the Just for Today team has provided a wide range of counselling programs to clients of mine caught up in the criminal justice system. My clients consistently report positive experiences working with the dedicated professionals at Just for Today and over the years they have proven to be both caring and responsive to their needs. These counselling services have helped my clients resolve difficult personal issues and have assisted me with successfully solving their criminal cases with far better outcomes. I would highly recommend Just for Today counselling to anyone looking to make some positive changes in their life and to other lawyers with clients in need therapeutic support.

Susan Pennypacker

Partner - Silver Pennypacker L.L.B

"Just for Today is the first organization I think of when a client needs counselling for anger management, substance abuse or misuse, intimate partner violence, or other challenges. The professionals at JFT (with impressive credentials) treat my clients as individuals with individual needs. They are flexible enough to offer one-on-one sessions but also offer standard group sessions where peer feedback provides my clients with therapeutic benefits. On more than one occasion, JFT professionals have designed and implemented customized programs in order to address an individual client’s unique needs.   JFT has always provided my clients with timely, affordable, rigorous, and professional counselling services.  I would not hesitate to recommend JFT."

Arif Hussain

J.D., H.B.A.

"I regularly refer my clients to JFT. I have utilized their services for various counselling including domestic counselling. I have had great success in using the excellent reports and completion documents they provide. These have directly assisted in my clients being able to take responsibility and resolving their matter. The counselling that JFT provides has directly gone to provide the necessary counselling and help my clients have needed for sentencing or upon trial. I strongly recommend the organization and commend them on the excellent work that they do."

Loredana Booth

Barrister at Law

"I have worked with JFT for about 15 years and have been very impressed with their work. They have helped many of my clients with Anger Management, Domestic Abuse, and Substance Abuse counselling.  My clients have benefitted from their programs and indeed thanked me for referring them here.  The sessions are flexible, there are no waitlists and the completion report provided is always thorough and specific to my client.   Crowns and Judges are familiar with JFT and the ones that are not are impressed by the completion reports.  What I like most is the accelerated 7-week programs that incorporate all the work of a 12-week program.  I would strongly recommend JFT to other lawyers who have clients charged with Assault, Domestic Assault, Impaired Driving or any other offence that may benefit from counselling."

Czarina De Jesus

Managing Partner - Angeles & De Jesus Law LLP

"Prompt and Responsive Service:

The standout feature of "Just For Today" is their exceptional responsiveness. Upon inquiring about counseling services for our clients, the team, especially Ms. Karla, at Just For Today, responded promptly. This quick response time has significantly facilitated our ability to coordinate counseling sessions with our clients seamlessly. Their efficiency in communication is truly commendable.

Tailored Support for Clients:

"Just For Today" has played a pivotal role in supporting our clients who require counseling. The services are not only prompt but also tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. The counselors at Just For Today exhibit a genuine commitment to understanding and addressing the specific concerns of our clients, enhancing the overall quality of support provided.

Smooth Coordination Process:

Arranging counseling sessions can often be a complex process, but with Just For Today, it has been remarkably smooth. Their team collaborates seamlessly with our firm, ensuring that the scheduling and coordination of counseling services align with our clients' needs and our operational requirements. This level of coordination has significantly contributed to the overall efficiency of our processes.

Overall Impression:

In conclusion, "Just For Today" has proven to be a valuable partner for our firm, especially when it comes to providing counseling services for our clients. The promptness of Ms. Carla's responses, the tailored support provided, the smooth coordination process, and the client-centric approach collectively make "Just For Today" a highly recommended choice for anyone seeking reliable and effective counseling services."

Robbie Tsang 

Senior Partner | Mass Tsang LLP 

I am a criminal defence lawyer who has been referring clients to Just for Today for over fifteen years.  I have entrusted them to provide counseling services which are widely accepted by Crown Attorneys and judges within the Ontario court system. 

Upon referring the client Just for Today will regularly report to me on the progress and status of the counseling program, and will engage with the client and I to fashion a program to meet the goals and objectives required.  At the completion of the sessions a detailed and balanced report is always provided promptly. 


My firm and I will continue to refer clients to Just for Today.

Jason Dos Santos,

Criminal Defence Lawyer

I have been a practicing criminal defence lawyer for over twenty years and in that time, I have had close to a hundred clients attend counselling at Just For Today to generate reports for use in their criminal matters. It’s the only counselling services I have ever referred my clients to during that time because of their comprehensive, reasonably priced, and flexible programs.

My clients have described the program and the counsellors as knowledgeable, compassionate, and professional. The reports generated are thorough, well-structured and have been accepted by the Courts without exception. The staff have always kept me abreast of developments and worked with me to accommodate any clients with special needs.

The ability to do the counselling remotely has increased access to my clients, many of whom have mobility issues or simply don’t live where the services can be provided. I have never been disappointed with the work of Just For Today and recommend them to all of my colleagues as a comprehensive and professional counselling centre that can help their clients in what are often complex and trying times.

Vladimir Semyonov

Barrister and Solicitor (Licensed in Ontario, Canada and England)

It is my pleasure to highly recommend Just For Today, their services and highly trained staff.  I have worked with them for over 15 years.  They have assisted a great number of my clients with counselling services for anger management, partner aggression and alcohol and drug dependency issues.

My clients' assessment of their counselling services has been overwhelmingly positive. The staff at Just For Today are very professional, service-oriented and friendly.

It has been a pleasure to deal with Jeff, Genelle, Karla and other members of their staff. I highly recommend them.

Sonya Shikhman

Bytensky Shikhman Barristers 

“We have been working with Just For Today for over a decade.  The staff is professional and responsive.  They understand the strict deadlines of the Court and accommodate each client accordingly.  Their programs are thorough and cover a vast number of areas.  They provide comprehensive reports for Court.  We look forward to working with them for years to come.”  

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